songs of innocence and experience

Reading some Bible storybooks to my niece the other night, I couldn’t help but notice that all three of them talked about how we are sinful and need Jesus to save us. One of the books was about Deborah, a badass Old Testament heroine. But they had to get sin and Jesus in there.

I’m sure those books were written by fine, well-meaning people. But what kind of tragic, ugly, sick philosophy has taken over your brain to make you think that children are “sinful” – and to tell them so in a storybook? To have their parents and loved ones tell them so, essentially, when they read them those books?

The Bible is woven inextricably into our culture from history to literature to almost everything else, and it’s valuable for kids to know these stories. I’ll always be happy to read to my niece about Daniel and Deborah and Moses and Jesus. But I’ll be skipping over any part that tells her she has a bad nature from which she needs to be “saved.” Because she doesn’t.

I hope she never believes that she does.


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