1. Gosh, your dad seemed like a great person. I’m so sorry for your clearly gaping loss, and I can’t fathom how you feel. But your writing and the words I’ve seen posted on FB about your dad and your pictures of his pottery make me wish I had known him, because he seems like an amazing person.

  2. I lost my own dad two and a half years ago. SO MUCH of what you write resonates.

    And yes, I miss him. Still. We were too alike, he and I, and as a cosequence there were times that we were like two angry cats in the same bag – there were moments that it was literally hard to LIKE each other – but that’s all on the surface. The underlying truth was that we LOVED each other. And that, in the aftermath, long after the niggles that led to the fricitons are forgotten, is what remains. The memory of love.

  3. Virginia

    I’m going to disagree with you on one point. Bob Baldwin did not cease to exist on Saturday. The bag of flesh named Bob Baldwin may have stopped fighting entropy, but Bob Baldwin lives as a fragment in every person he ever touched. And he touched so many lives.

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